How to check the Switch Address of a Hanover Display

Instructions for DERIC+

  1. Press the button labelled [F/E] (this is the one that is half red and half blue) twice until it asks you for the lock code. This is usually set to the default of 0101 or 9876. The numbers are changed using the up and left arrows.
  2. Press the [F/E] button again to enter the code. The controller's screen will now display 'Show status?'
  3. Press the up arrow until you get to 'Test signs?'
  4. Press the [F/E] button again, and the controller will now display a flashing 'Testing...' message.
  5. Press the left arrow button to enter the address mode. This will show #X on each display, where X is the switch that display is set to, on both flip-dot and LED signs.

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